About us

IGC Educational Center started as a small business and family-owned on February 2017, we came up with our business name by combining our names, IAN and GREZYL CASES and added Educational Center.

As a nurse for more than 27 years of experience, teaching is always my passion. For me, I’m always looking back to where I came from as a student. As a nurse and a mentor to the students, imparting my knowledge is a GIFT.

I and wife go certified as BLS Instructor by the CPR Lady in 2017 which is also our Training Center.

With the help of our co-workers, friends, peers, students, nursing facilities, assisted living and pre-school and by doing marketing, our business started to grow slowly.

We offer classes such a BLS, First Aid, Adult and Pediatric CPR AED, First Aid CPR AED and CNA in-service hours, in class or outside setting.

We managed to certify hundreds of staff and students in our first 2 years that were operating the business and hoping to certify more in the coming years.

This year, The CPR Lady decided and invited to offer us a contract to be one of their training site.

Our Mission:

Deliver a high-quality CPR Certification Class to the community and educate every individual that is willing to learn how to save lives.